Banana Bread French Toast: reinvented comfort food for breakfast, brunch, or any time!

Banana bread french toast, with cinnamon and maple syrup

Comfort foods are often the best thing to serve, no matter
how simple or how elegant your meal may be. They bring memories of childhood,
inspire feelings of warmth and happiness, and are great start to a new and
inspired creation.

My banana bread French toast is the perfect example of a
comfort food’s reinvention. Banana bread is something we know from childhood;
its warmth and flavour are locked in our gastronomic memories.

The best part of this recipe is it is actually two-fold.
This banana bread is moist and flavourful, and excellent on its own or with a
bit of butter. But, when sliced and dipped in an egg mixture, fried gently and
topped with cinnamon and maple syrup, it is the perfect addition to any
breakfast or brunch. Serve it with eggs, or on its own.

Although banana bread lasts up to a week, it is best eaten
fresh. So, after a few days, use the leftovers to make a delicious
brunch-worthy French toast. This is a simple recipe, but I guarantee it will be
a huge hit in your household.

Banana bread

You will need:

6 bananas

1 cup butter

¾  cup brown sugar

2 whole eggs

2 tsp baking soda

2 cups All Purpose Flour

½ cup walnuts


  1. Preheat oven to 375F.
  2. Puree bananas. Set aside.
  3. Sift baking soda and flour into a bowl.
  4. Beat butter and sugar until light in colour,
    scraping down sides of the bowl.
  5. Add eggs, incorporating well into butter and
    sugar mixture.
  6. Stir half the flour into the butter mixture.
  7. Add banana, stirring well, and then add the
  8. Add the remaining flour. Stir just until
  9. Lightly grease two 8×4 inch loaf pans, and line
    with parchment (this makes removal from the pan easier)
  10. Place a few walnuts evenly on top of loaf for
  11. Bake for
    60-75 minutes, or until done. To check doneness, insert knife into loaf. If
    knife comes out clean, the banana bread is done.
  12. Allow to cool before removing from pans.

Banana Bread French Toast

You will need:

1 loaf banana bread, sliced into even slices and crusts

1 egg, beaten

3 tbsp milk

½ tbsp butter


  1. Heat a pan over medium-high heat. Add butter.
  2. Beat egg with milk in a bowl.
  3. Dip slices of bread, one at a time, in the egg
    mixture, shaking off excess egg. Set each slice aside until all have been
    coated in egg.
  4. Place bread down in pan, a few slices at a time
    (making sure not to overcrowd the pan), and cook for 1-2 minutes on each side,
    until golden brown.
  5. Sprinkle some cinnamon on a plate, followed by a
    few stacks of French toast. Top with maple syrup.

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