More Martini Madness ;)


As some of you may know, I have a certain fondness for
martinis. They are sophisticated and classy (think, the Sex and the City
ladies!), and are an excellent blank canvas for all kinds of flavour

When throwing a party, I always make sure to provide several
martini choices for my guests. Martinis can be fun and personal, and it’s easy
to combine all your guests’ favourite flavours into one delicately shaped

Since the summer season is now fully upon us, I thought it
may be fun to share more amazing martini recipes with you! Today I am sharing
one of my particular favourites- the Raspberry Lychee Martini. This recipe is
simple, sweet, tangy, and brightly coloured; basically, it is everything needed
for the perfect summer cocktail.

I begin by putting one lychee into each martini glass, and
leaving them to chill in the freezer. The lychees freeze and become edible ice
cubes.  This can be done in advance, or
just before you begin to make the cocktails. Either way works, as long as you
give the glasses enough time to chill. If no lychees are on hand, a couple of
fresh raspberries will do the trick as well.

The only other ingredients in this martini are vodka, lychee
liqueur (such as Soho), lychee juice (I prefer freshly pressed lychee juice,
but feel free to use what`s available to you), and raspberry sorbet.

I hope you enjoy my raspberry lychee martini! Have a safe
and happy summer!


Raspberry Lychee

Yield: 2 martinis

You will need:

3 oz vodka

2 oz lychee liqueur

4 oz lychee juice

2 tbsp raspberry sorbet

2 fresh lychees, peeled


  1. Place one lychee into each martini glass, and place
    in the freezer to chill. Try to do this at least a half hour in advance.
  2. In a martini shaker with ice, combine the vodka,
    liqueur, and lychee juice. Pour into chilled glasses.
  3. Scoop one rounded tablespoon of sorbet into each
  4. Serve immediately.



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