Wild Rice Risotto with Herb Crusted Lamb Shanks

A well-made risotto is a dish that junior chefs and home cooks alike strive to perfect. Risotto is a creamy, cheesy Italian style of rice, made with short-grain Arborio rice. It is an excellent blank canvas for almost any flavour; seafood, vegetables and meats are all very complimentary to risotto. Saffron and other herbs are also commonly found in good risottos, and should be added in the beginning, before any stock is added to the rice.
Although risotto is traditionally made with Arborio rice, a special short-grain Italian rice that creates the creamy consistency needed for a good risotto, I sometimes find that adding wild Canadian rice adds a new twist to an old classic. When adding wild rice to risotto, the cook must keep in mind the different cooking times of each type of rice. The best thing to do is par-boil the wild rice in advance, so it can be added to the risotto later as a finishing touch.

This particular recipe is basically a classic risotto, with the addition of wild rice. This risotto can be matched with steak, chicken, or seafood (such as salmon), but my preference leans towards lamb. The pairing of lamb with risotto is very common in Italy, and the result is an amazing blend of flavours, presented in a pleasing fashion.
I hope you enjoy this contemporary twist on an Italian classic! Buon appetito!


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