LIZZI’S FIRST TIP: Always Be Creative!

Hey everybody!

Entertaining and cooking great food are two things that really excite me! Luckily, they go hand in hand with eachother, and if you get the cooking part right, the entertaining is usually easier!

So, my lovlies, I bring you some sound advice today… Never stop being creative! A dish that creates a WOW factor at one party may seem tired and pedestrian to your guests if they find that it is your ONLY go-to party dish. If you are inviting a lot of the same people to your dinners and cocktail gatherings, make sure to mix up the menu from the previous times so that your guests don’t get bored! On a positive note, constantly switching up your menu means that you can challenge yourself in the kitchen and come up with great new concepts that will impress everyone, every time! Tres fab!

How does an entertaining diva come up with different food concepts every time, you ask? Easy! Just keep in touch with The Girl Next Door, and I will bring you amazingly simple recipes and meal ideas on the reg!

I am so excited to bring you amazing new ideas! Support local talent! Support local business! Support THE GIRL NEXT DOOR!

Eat well, live well, be well!

Yours truly,



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